The Ultimate Open House Checklist


You have listed your home with Falaya..Now it’s time for the next step – Showings. We really recommend hosting an open house as it maximizes your potential to reach buyers.

We have compiled a checklist to make sure you have everything prepared for the big day:


  • Have all countertops cleared and cleaned
    • Having a neat counter will help buyers envision their appliances placed there
  • Purge & Organize Pantry and Fridge
    • Buyers are nosy and they will open your fridge. Make sure it doesn’t smell
  • Shine stainless steel appliances
  • Clean sink – Put Away Dishes
  • Remove any magnets or pics from fridge
    • Though you may love that finger painting your toddler did – potential buyers won’t
  • Clean microwave inside & out
  • Clear off dining room table/eat-in islands
  • Empty and replace garbage


  • Make beds
  • Declutter – Organize tops of dressers
    • If possible remove or hide these items, but if not make sure they are neat and organized
  • Put away clothes & shoes
    • Don’t leave shoes randomly throughout the room
  • Hide/Secure any valuables


  • Clean mirrors
    • a mirror with toothpaste residue will deter buyers
  • Declutter and clean countertops
  • Clean toilet inside & out
  • Remove kids bath toys


  • Cut grass
  • Add for sale sign in yard
  • Up curb appeal (pull weeds, add flowers)
    • the first thing buyers will see is the front yard of the home, make sure all bushes and plants are nice and trimmed
  • Organize/remove kids toys
  • Day of showing remove excess cars in driveway
    • This also helps the curb appeal


  • Make Arrangements for Pets
    • Some buyers refuse to buy a home if they know there were pets
  • Put all pet items away
    • Hide litter boxes, food bowls, toys, etc.
  • Paint Walls Neutral Colors
    • This lessons the work that buyers will have to do once they close
  • Close Garage Door
    • Hide all of that mess from the front (curb appeal)


Download the Complete Checklist Here:


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