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Falaya FAQ

Discover thousands of homes for rent in 50+ countries

For $399, your listing is sent to the MLS system, Zillow,, Redfin and numerous brokerages and third-party sites. You are provided a realtor grade directional and for sale sign to market your property like a professional. You are given scheduling software that allows buyers to submit tour requests directly to you all through text message, email and push notifications. Your phone number and email are kept completely private from the public. The automated listing and disclosure documents can all be signed online making listing your property a breeze and can all be done without outside support.

There are no hidden fees. Falaya is all about full cost transparency and puts cost control in the hands of the consumers. The list price is $399 and that’s it. You can hire our agents a-la-carte if you run into a situation where you need professional advice, but you will only be charged if you request an appointment and approve the charge.

Whether to pay a buyer’s agent commission or not is totally up to you as the seller. The typical market cost of a buyer’s agent commission is currently 2-3%. You will only pay this fee if a licensed real estate agent finds a buyer that closes on your property. The payment will be due at the closing table for the amount advertised. However, the level of commission will affect how realtors show the property, so it should be taken into consideration when thinking about pricing and goal sale dates.

You can pick a realtor service, date and time that works for you. A realtor will contact you and walk you through the process that you requested. You can request the Agent Services from your account dashboard. Examples include: Pricing – $300, Listing Input – $100, Contract Negotiation – $350, Inspection Negotiation – $350